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Fast Weight and Muscle Gaining Tips

Scrawny and frail: two words a man hopes are never used to describe him. Most men want to be seen as buff whether it be looking like a running back in the NFL or a UFC fighter with an amazing muscular physique. The ladies love a man with a nice …

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Tips to Build Up Muscle and Gain Weight

Are you skinny, and want to build muscle and gain a little weight? You have a big appetite and can eat like a horse, but it seems almost impossible for you to gain a little muscle. Does this sound familiar? Building muscle and gaining weight is not as difficult as …

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Muscle Soreness and Exercise

When you are first starting out at the gym a tough workout can lead to three days of intense soreness. This can be the breaking point in a new workout routine. It’s intimidating if you’ve never experienced it. The effect is caused by lactic acid build up in an over …

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Gain Muscle Weight Without Steroids

Being able to gain muscle mass weight relies on several bodily functions such as how the body is made up, how fast it naturally burns off calories for energy, etc. If these are all on high you’ll quickly see that gaining weight for a naturally skinny individual can be pretty …

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How to Gain Muscle Weight Fast

Bodybuilding is different than weight lifting. If you are a bodybuilder you are about symmetry, muscle proportion and definition, as well as size. If you are a weight lifter, you are looking to get bigger and stronger. Period. There’s obviously similarities in how you build muscle mass regardless, if your …

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