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Fast Weight and Muscle Gaining Tips

Scrawny and frail: two words a man hopes are never used to describe him. Most men want to be seen as buff whether it be looking like a running back in the NFL or a UFC fighter with an amazing muscular physique. The ladies love a man with a nice …

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Gaining Weight For Skinny Guys

It is obvious there are genetic factors at play that decide if one individual will gain muscle faster than another. It will be harder for some to gain lean muscle but it is not impossible. Trouble is that the skinny guys are the exact ones that overtrain for 3 weeks …

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Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

One of the biggest fears smokers have about quitting is that they will gain weight. We hear horror stories of quitters putting twenty, thirty or even forty pounds on, and worry that the same will happen to us. But is it really necessary to put weight on when you quit …

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Eating / gaining weight

So lot’s of guys want to gain weight and that’s a topic I’ve been looking a lot into recently and practicing which helped me gain weight.  So to start off, the general rule is to eat every 2-3 hours.  In the morning, I eat a light breakfast because I never …

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Weight Gaining Diet plan

Skinny folks can find comfort in understanding that a weight gaining diet plan might actually help them to build muscle and look better. Being skinny is not always a good thing moreso when you are not really a model. A starved and sickly look is obviously not the healthy look. …

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Keys To Losing Weight And Gaining Self-Esteem

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to lose weight. From improving your appearance to improving your health, weight loss provides a host of benefits. However, many people struggle with the process. Modifying your eating habits can range from switching to decaffeinated coffee in the morning to …

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