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The History Of The Exercise Ball

You cannot walk into a gym or exercise facility and not see an exercise ball on the floor or in use. This is a large plastic ball that is normally 22 or 26 inches in diameter. It can be used for stretching, strength and aerobic exercises. You can get a complete workout on the exercise ball.

The exercise ball, sometimes call the gymball, Swiss, stability, flexi or gymnastic ball first appeared in Switzerland for the use in treatment for neurological and orthopedic disorders. It was found to be especially advantageous in maintaining flex response and developing balance skills in children that suffered from cerebral palsy.

The ball was first used by Dr Klein Vogelbach in the 1970s and 1980s. His use for the ball was clinical applications on adult orthopedic patients. It was also discovered around the same period that the ball could be very beneficial in the treatment of spinal injuries. Physiotherapists began to realize how beneficial this exercise ball was in improving joint stability, balance and posture as it uses a deeper layer of muscles due to its mobility. It will help you become more aware of your body movement.

The ball has been shown to have tremendous benefit in many areas of physical fitness. This ball is used to strengthen pelvic muscles in women who suffer for incontinence. It also makes a great tool for preparing the muscles that women will use during childbirth. The ball is widely used in helping senior citizens retain muscle tone.

In the past decade the ball has moved from the therapy room to the fitness room. Many organized exercise classes now incorporate the use of the stability ball in their workout routines. If you have never used an exercise ball, this is something you should try. This is a piece of fitness equipment that can be found in gym and can be purchased for less than $ 20. The ball makes a great addition to any home workout.

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