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Fast Weight and Muscle Gaining Tips

Scrawny and frail: two words a man hopes are never used to describe him. Most men want to be seen as buff whether it be looking like a running back in the NFL or a UFC fighter with an amazing muscular physique. The ladies love a man with a nice body and the guys will respect you. Now all you have to do is figure out how you can get that body. You have found your answer because here are five tips that will point you towards gaining weight and building muscle.

There are a lot of mistakes and wrong methods for gaining weight and muscle that would take a book or two to describe. So instead this will focus on five tips that will get you well on your way to avoiding mistakes and gaining muscle mass. They are:

Tip 1 – Heavy Training

Lightweights and high reps will get you nowhere if your goal is to get larger. Do not be afraid to include more weight to that bar and lower your reps.

Tip 2 – Too Long, Too Bad

The length of your workout session is determined by how long you have testosterone output. Generally your level of testosterone output increases dramatically during weight training, however, that only lasts for about 45 minutes. Working out longer is useless and can actually cause damage because as your testosterone level drops cortisol levels increase. Why is this bad? Corisol will eat at your muscles and increase body fat storage. Do it hard and do it fast.

Tip 3 – Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is when you push your muscles just a little further each workout session. This is the only way to get huge. It doesn’t matter what you do in your session to change your workout, what’s important is that you’re not doing the same thing each time. You can do any of the following to change up your routine:

– Do more sets
– Do more reps
– Lift heavier weights

You can either increase the work to stay in the same time frame or you can do less work and increase that timeframe. What’s most important that you do something different because repetition won’t make muscle grow. Give your muscles reasons to grow by forcing your muscles to work just a little harder each session.

Tip 4 – Compound Exercises

You should have some basics in each of your workout sessions that will increase your muscle mass and make a better stimulant for testosterone production. You can either do free weights or body weights such as deadlifts, squats, rows, military presses, chin ups, dips, dumbbell presses or good mornings. Each of these will give you better results than using a machine that is most likely a waste of your time and effort because they don’t help in packing on size.

Tip 5 – Big Meals for a Big Body

Without the right amount of food intake, your workout is going to be worthless because you won’t be producing the right kinds of materials your body needs to burn during a heavy workout. Eat at least six meals a day-that breaks down to eating close to every 2 or 3 hours. You also need to have around one gram of protein for every pound of your own body weight. That’s daily. Also necessary is having sufficient dose of “clean carbs” plus some healthy fats.

For skinny guys with fast metabolisms you should focus on foods like potatoes, rice, pasta, and letting 30% of your calorie intake be from healthy fat foods like avocados, cold pressed oils and nuts.

With these five tips, muscle will start coming in bulk before you know it.

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