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Debating Weight Gain During Pregnancy

An article published today titled, Expectant Moms Packing on Too Many Pounds, experts say there are new guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy. (This outta be good.) And they go a little something like this: – A normal-weight woman should gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy. – An …

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Keeping Pregnancy Weight Gain Healthy

So you’re thinking… the baby’s only 9 pounds. Where does the rest of that weight gain come from? Remember that your entire biology adapts to the life it is cultivating within you. Your body is increasing its blood and fluid volume, adapting a larger uterus, placenta and larger breasts as …

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Weight Gain During Pregnancy

You have a few extra pounds of weight gain during pregnancy, and the doctors all tell you it was all for the benefit of your little bundle. Now with the arrival of the baby, there are simple steps to take to counteract the weight gain during pregnancy. First, find out …

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Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy period is a very crucial time of a female’s life where little ignorance of the facts can actually create serious problems for the pregnant lady and for her baby too. It is always recommended to consult your doctor and follow his / her tips very seriously so that you …

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