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One of the biggest problems that people face today is health. Most people are unfit, get tired easily and are plagued by diseases. Instead of enjoying their life they have to spend a considerable amount of time worrying about the health, take care of their health and investing in a number of things that will make life easier. Health freaks invest a large amount of time working out, sweating it out, and panting their way to good health. But what most people ignore is the right diet.

A large amount of exercise is incomplete and ineffective without the right diet. If you do not follow the correct diet, the time and effort that goes into working out is wasted and the two things cancel each other out, the net result being zero. As the statistics of eating disorders, and diseases is going up in todays world people are becoming more and more concerned about the food they are consuming.

But the mistake most people make is to consume food that is cooked. The cooking process has already removed a large proportion of nutrients from the food, thus reducing the nutrient value of the food by half. The new mantra in todays world is to follow a raw food diet. This works on the principle that food is much healthier before it is cooked and therefore should be consumed in its raw native state.

It is said that cooking leads to the removal of several important components from the food such as vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Before the advent of civilization the trend was to consume raw food which was a sure way of staying healthy being muscular and thus capable of hard physical labor.

Today the world has come a full circle, and the newest trend again is to consume raw food in order to stay healthy. Raw food has come a long way from being the underground trend that it once was. Now consumption of raw foods like vegetables, juices beans, seeds, and even seaweeds is said to have a lot of health benefits. Raw foods are continuously gaining in popularity as they offer considerable variation in addition to tasting good if garnished in the right way.

One of the biggest health benefits of raw foods is that they guard against diseases due to their high content of nutrients, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. These contribute to the prevention of diseases such as heart diseases by the blockage of the coronary artery.

Other diseases like cancer and diabetes are also due to eating foods rich in fats such as poultry, red meats and dairy. These are rich in trans-fats that get deposited in the body, and thus are difficult to burn off subsequently. These fats cause a lot of damage in the body as they may get deposited in the blood vessels causing high blood pressure that can have devastating consequences later. This puts the heart in danger and increases the risk of heart attacks. Thus it is high time that one adopts the raw food diet and this eliminates the possibility of any health concerns.

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