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Weight Gaining Program For Women – Following an Effective Weight Gain Program

Weight Gaining Program For Women

Here is exactly what a proper weight gain program should consist of.

A Weight Gain Diet

Diet is the most important thing if you want to gain muscle mass, and if you are seriously considering gaining muscle mass you need to extremely modify your diet in the near future. Weight Gaining Program For Women

Here is why diet is the most important thing you only workout about 3 hours a week and you eat about 3 times a day 21 times a week, that’s not including the snacks. The ratio is 7:1 this isn’t complicated math you can see why diet is the key to gaining muscle.

So what kind of changes you need to make? Well honestly you know what are the foods you need to cut back on but what’s more important is what you need to eat more of. Protein rich foods should be a major part of your daily intake, protein is the main supply of energy for your muscles fibers to rebuild. So next time if you are going to eat something cold get some yogurt instead of ice-cream.

Technical things like this are usually included in a standard weight gain program. But one thing you should look for is a diet plan laid out that you can easily follow, also try to get a flexible diet program; by that I mean getting a program with a wide variety of food choices because you need to keep your motivation up and having a good healthy meal that you enjoy really boosts your motivation.

Weight Gain Supplements

This is what every single one of your friends will suggest when you tell them you are trying to gain muscle: “Get some weight gain powder dude!” Please don’t listen to them.

Do your research, before you go out and get a supplement, try to find credible reviews on supplements because there might be 50 different brands in a shop but there are only 5 that actually work.

But remember, supplements are nothing but a catalyst, you don’t need them if you want to gain muscle mass they are just a plus. And by catalyst I mean all they do is somewhat speed up the rate at which your muscles rebuild you still have to do the hard work. Don’t think that if you consume weight gain supplements next day you will wake up bulkier.

Gain Weight while Resting

This message should be emphasized specially to college students because they have the most trouble with it, get at least 8 hours of sleep. If you are working out regularly you need about 16 hours of sleep before you work out again here is why: While you are resting is the time when all of your energy from your diet is concentrated towards rebuilding your muscle fibers. If you do this only than you can workout every other day and gain muscle mass faster. Weight Gaining Program For Women

A Weight Training Program

Ever see those guys at the gym with a pen and paper? Well those guys are using something called a workout log; it’s like a checklist that helps you keep track of your progress. So that is a must because nobody is smart enough to keep track of everything in their mind. It makes the process just so much easier.

When you are doing this make sure you plan out and divide out your workout routine. The worst thing you can do is just go to the gym and do random exercises. This is just a waste of time, you need to plan out workouts for each day and concentrate them on specific parts of your body.

Tracking Your Results

As is just mentioned track your results, when you start to see progress you won’t lose your motivation to workout and in a few weeks you can determine if the weight program you are using is right for you.

Here are a few things you will need to track your weight gain results:

Workout log
Body fat calipers
A scale
Body tape

Most of this information is included in a standard weight gain program.

OK, so that was a basic outline of what your weight gain program should have. Keep this in mind when you are putting together your weight gin program. Weight Gaining Program For Women

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