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Three Fitness Exercises For A Better-looking Body

I will provide you with three exercises leading to an improved body composition in terms of body fat and muscle tissue. But I always tell my clients to perform whatever exercises that they are capable of doing or modify the ones I prescribe to them in case it is too challenging for them to perform initially.

These exercises will have greater energy expenditure, and also they are adding resistance in order to add muscle tissue or at least to maintain it.

Exercise One: Fast Pace Running

This exercise is not the same as jogging or regular running where you can keep it up for a half-hour or longer, but maybe for this one it will be only about 90 to 120 seconds. At the same time you are not really sprinting because you are going beyond the sprinting time threshold; therefore, you will be mixing up the anaerobic and aerobic systems.

This will burn more calories, and you will have a better chance in maintaining if not increasing your muscles tissue.

You can start doing this exercise with three bouts. Then increase it by one every week, or until your body feels ready for adding the next bout.

Exercise Two: Bear Crawl With Pause

Get down on all of your fours and start crawling like a bear using your hands and the tips of your toes. Then you pause after every ten crawls and try to hold the pause for ten seconds before you continue the exercise. Your exercise should look something like that, and please feel free to modify it to suit your fitness level:

1) Bear Crawl: 10 Crawls (five for each side)
2) Pause: 10 seconds

3) Bear Crawl: 10 Crawls (five for each side)
4) Pause: 10 seconds

5) Bear Crawl: 10 Crawls (five for each side)
6) Pause: 10 seconds

Exercise Three: Frog Leaps

This is a basic exercise in terms of its movement, but I have to admit it is not easy to perform. Here is how you execute the exercise:

-Stand with a little wider base than your hip width so you can have a more stable foundation

-Bend your knees low enough so you can gain momentum to spring or leap forward

-Make sure to swing your arms during the initial leap movement so you can gain momentum

-Bend your knees when you land so the shock can be absorbed efficiently

-Repeat for 4 to 10 leaps.

Make sure you are focused during every leap frog you perform. And if you feel like doing short leaps just to get the hang of it then please do so until you gain more confidence. The Frog Leap exercise should be done with as much momentum as you can exert to get the most benefit out of it.

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