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Stars Gain Weight for Movie Roles


In order to portray the characters successfully, actors and actresses have to work hard and try to convey true emotions. However, some people will be surprised to know that some roles require weight gain and many celebrities are willing to gain weight to get the role. Stars are asked to gain weight in time for filming, sometimes with only two or three weeks. Sometimes, a major body transformation through extreme weight gain is the ticket to winning Oscar gold.

Many stars like Russell Crowe, Jared Leto, George Clooney, Charlize Theron reveal that they feel more relaxed and can eat anything without worrying about their over-sized body compared to their previous shape.

Megan Fox gained 10 pounds. She did this by eating three meals a day and having red velvet cake at night.

Beyonce gained 15 pounds to take the role of Etta James in the film “Cadillac Records

Renee struck a sensational pose at her slim size at the Baftas in 2004

Robert DeNiro was the first actor to dramatically change his body for a role of Jake La Motta, Raging Bull.

Jared Leto gained 60 pounds to get the role of Mark David in the film Chapter 27. He ate whole ice cream pints.

George Clooney gained 35 pounds. He ate donuts and chips and completely stopped exercising.

The Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron gained 28lbs to play the part of Alieen Wuornos in Monster.

Fergie looks more seductive after gaining 13 pound in “Nine”.

Selma Blair gained 20 pounds for her character, films an episode for her new NBC show Kath & Kim at the Burbank Media Center Mall

Vincent D’Onofrio keeps the record for 31.5kg to get the role of Pvt. Pyle in “Full Metal Jacket”.

Matt Damon gained 13.5 kg in “The Informant”.

In the film “Body of Lies”, Russell Crowe gained 28kg

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