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Medifast & Exercise – Should You Exercise While on the Medifast Diet?

Exercise is certainly part of a healthy lifestyle and it can be an important contributor to weight loss. However, it is important not to overdo it, especially if you are using Medifast to lose weight. So the question comes up, should you really exercise while on the Medifast diet?

Some people get confused and think that they don’t need to do any exercise while on the Medifast plan. In fact, you might even think that you are not allowed to exercise. But nothing could be further from the truth. Healthy exercise is an important part of the diet, it just needs to be done in moderation. Let’s take a look at the proper advice.

For the first three to four weeks that you are on Medifast, your body is still adjusting to the lowered calories and to the fat-burning state. While you will often feel great by about day five, it really does take your body a little while to catch up and start using your fat stores for energy. So Medifast recommends, that if you are not currently exercising, then you shouldn’t start to do so during this first month.

If you already have an exercise routine, then during the first 3-4 weeks using Medifast, you can continue your fitness program, but you should lower your intensity level. Even though you may have been working out for awhile, your body will still need to adapt to the new diet. So if you work out for an hour three times a week, try cutting it back to a half hour for a few weeks.

During your second month, you should be free to add exercise to your weight loss plan. It’s really encouraged too because exercise has more benefits than just burning calories. Weight-bearing exercises such as walking are good for your bones. And exercise in general and getting outside into the fresh air is good for your mental health and motivation.

While you are using Medifast to reach your goal weight, you should participate in moderately intense fitness work-outs. For intense exercise such as running or biking, keep it to no more than 45 minutes a day.

If you are new to exercise, then start slow. Just take a 10 minute walk every day your first week. Then you can start increasing how long you spend walking. Once you are at 20 minutes, try and walk at least three times a week. Ideally though, you eventually want to get to at least 5 times a week, for up to an hour for moderate level exercising such as walking.

So, as you can see you should get some exercise while you are dieting with Medifast. Just make sure that you take it easy on yourself and don’t overdo it.

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