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How to Prevent Festive Weight Gain

The festive season is fast approaching. There will be moments of merriment, foods galore and sumptuous buffet spread. You are seriously wondering how can you maintain your weight or at least control it with so many temptations.

The thought of going on a diet and thumping on the treadmill to lose the weight gained from the holiday feasts is not a very comforting idea. So what can you do to prevent festive period weight gain?

Not to fret as here are some ideas to help you to prevent festive weight gain:-

Avoid alcohol – I know this is like throwing you a wet blanket. How to have fun partying without the booze? First and foremost, over indulging in alcohol not only makes you fat, but put you at risks with many alcohol related diseases such as liver damage.

One gram of alcohol contains 7 calories in contrast to protein and carbohydrates which only have 4 calories per gram. Furthermore, alcohol calories are empty calories which do nothing else to your body, but just to make you fat.

If you must drink, then control the flow or drink some red wine which at least has some beneficial health effect, but also in a limited quantity.

Don’t arrive hungry – Don’t ever go to a party hungry or the temptation to gobble up the foods may be at its greatest. Drink heaps of water and eat a high fibrous fruit before arriving. This will fill up your stomach somewhat so that you can avoid binging.

Eat slowly – It takes about twenty minutes for your stomach to signal to your brain that you are full and so to stop eating. So why rush through all those delicious spread, take your time to savor and enjoy the delicacies.

Use a smaller plate – If you are at a buffet, use a small plate and fill it up with non fattening foods such as fruits, salads, shrimps, fish or chicken breast without skin. By the time you finished your first serving of non fattening foods, you may be full enough not to crave for the fattening ones.

Divert your attention from food – Hey, there are more things to a party than just food. Mingle with your friends, pick up a girl or a man and hit the dance floor. Dancing is a great exercise to burn fat. Perhaps, you may even find your soul mate there because everyone is in a good mood and can easily be chatted up.

Skip the desserts – Who said you must have desserts after a main meal? It is just a cultivated mindset. Furthermore, desserts are usually loaded with sugar and sugar do make you fat because it causes a blood sugar spike to store fat.

By all means, enjoy yourself. After all it is that time of the year again where everybody is having a good time catching up with friends and relatives. However, you do not want the unwanted pounds to catch with you as well. So use the ideas above to prevent any festive weight gain and when the celebrations are over, you will be glad that you did.

Chris Chew is a fitness consultant who has models, actors and other celebrities as his clients. Read his free articles at How to lose weight fast and Flat belly 6 pack abs

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