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How to Cut Belly Fat – Exercise Tips

Today I want to show you how to cut belly fat fast. I’m not talking about running endlessly or extreme diets, either. Those two things won’t work.

What’s offered today is much better for getting fast results without a ton of effort.

Cut Belly Fat Exercise Methods

High interval training

Short exercises that have high intensity intervals are the best when it comes to losing weight fast. They blow away long and steady workouts. And are there 3 very good reasons why short intense exercises are great.

The first reason is these exercises unload natural human growth hormones into your body’s blood stream. This is both safe and natural, and is a major contributing factor for significant weight loss.

The second reason you should do these exercises is because they build a major oxygen deficit in your body. This causes you to breath much harder, which allows more oxygen to enter your blood stream. This process of adding oxygen into your bloodstream greatly helps your body to burn up fat. So, the more oxygen that enters your body, the more fat that gets burned for energy.

The third reason is that your body will burn fat for hours after the exercise is done. Your body can burn calories up to 12 hours after the workout is done. This is without you doing anything further.

Do exercises that require you to stand up

This concept is great for weight loss because you’ll get the most out of any exercise that you do. When you sit during an exercise, not all of your body is involved in the movements. And this is something that isn’t natural. Naturally, your body is made for standing up during movements. So, stationary bikes aren’t the best if your goal is to lose weight.

Try those 2 suggestions to cut belly fat and I think you’ll be very happy with the results.

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