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Home Fitness Exercise Equipment – A Basic Gym

It seems every day that there’s a new infomercial on with the latest and greatest piece of home exercise equipment. There are few that I’ve taken a chance on before I knew better.  Most turned out to be worthless not to mention the room some of them take up.

Using some basic inexpensive equipment and just your bodyweight, you could have an amazing workout.

Using push up bars will allow you to come down further than if your hands were just on the floor. You can also put each hand on chair.

A doorway chin up bar is another great way to use your body weight. There are a few different models to choose from. Some allow for more different hand positions thus allowing more muscle groups to be worked. One type is just a bar that goes across a door frame. I wouldn’t suggest this since there is not much variation that can be done.

I like the doorway type where one side rests on top of the moulding above the door and the other side rests against the door frame on both sides.

Using a pair of dumbbells can enhance your workout routine. You should have a few different weights for different exercises. These can be uses for lateral and front raises, lunges, squats, calf raises, curls, kickbacks and so many more.

You can get them as a solid fixed weight or where the weight can be adjusted with free weights. This can get kind of pricey but check your local classifieds to see if someone is selling any. I knew someone who was cleaning out their basement and gave me a ton, well not quite a ton, of weights. They were a little beat up but weight is weight, it doesn’t change over the years.

Resistance bands are a good substitute for dumbbells. Many of the same exercises and benefits can be accomplished using them. They also come in several degrees of resistance.

Putting together a workout routine at home can be a little confusing, especially if you’re just starting out.  Staying on track can be difficult if you’re not sure which direction to go. A workout program on DVD can be a great asset.

It will give you a complete layout of what you should be doing each day. Plus they usually include nutritional information as well. These can be your workout in a box and DVD’s don’t take up much room.

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