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Hcg Drops – On Exercise

You may or may not have heard this rather startling claim that you don’t have to exercise while taking HCG drops and doing the HCG diet. Interestingly, it’s true. But there’s a little more to it than that.

Why does the question of exercise come up so frequently? Most people feel grateful that they won’t have to exercise, but they want some reassurance that it’s actually true. Others just don’t believe it. Still other people really want to exercise, and want to know what to do.

Exercise Really Isn’t Necessary

The heading says it. While taking HCG drops, exercise isn’t necessary. HCG drops will access your stored fat and make it available for use as food, so you can go on a low-calorie diet with little hunger and still have enough energy. Still, you’re only getting a small amount of calories through your stomach. Strenuous exercise depletes your available energy too fast.

One of the worst problems exercise causes is hunger that wouldn’t normally exist. Extra hunger makes it more tempting for you to cheat and simply makes your diet harder. Avoiding exercise helps you correctly follow the diet and feel great the whole time. You still lose enough weight even without the exercise.

What If I Want to Exercise?

If you are already a persistent exerciser, and you want to keep up the practice, there is a way to do it. However, you might achieve less weight loss than you would otherwise, so use this process with caution. First, you need to calculate how many calories your exercise eliminates. Times that amount by 0.75 and add the result to your daily calorie intake on the HCG diet. Maintain your normal schedule with HCG drops, and observe all the other regulations. Theoretically this will allow you to lose weight and still carry on your exercise regimen. But it’s not part of the standard diet protocol, and you may find your weight loss to be less than it would have been.


In conclusion, exercise is not required while taking HCG drops. You ought to still be active for at least 30 minutes per day. Low-level activity such as a short jog, doing housework, and similar activities will be good for you and get you on track for continued success after you are finished taking HCG drops.

The fact that you don’t have to exercise is only one of the numerous advantages of HCG drops. See how you can melt up to a pound per day on the HCG diet at http://hcg-drops.livejournal.com.

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