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Great Ways To Exercise Outside of The Gym

Many people feel like if they don’t make it to the gym than their whole exercise routine is shot. The truth is, you can miss the gym and still get a good workout elsewhere. Maybe we’ve been brainwashed into thinking the gym is the only place we will see results, but if you think about logically, those exercises can be done anywhere.

So if you are not a gym enthusiast, or if you are not going to be able to make it to the gym for a while, then try these other great ways to get your exercise in.

Take the stairs – Stairs works both your cardio and give you a built-in strength training bonus. The great thing about stairs is they are always there. They are in your house, work, and even at the mall. Try taking the stairs two at a time, or lunging your way up a flight of stairs, for a better lower body workout.

Want a great start to a stair routine? Take the stairs up normally, and then come back down. Then walk up the stairs sideways, and then come back down. Walk up the stairs with the other side, and then run back down. Lunge your way up the stairs next, and then run back down. Take the stairs up two at a time, and then come back down. Add whatever you like to this routine and you will feel the burn after just a few minutes of doing this.

Fitness Video Games – Video games aren’t just for kids anymore. No matter what your age or fitness level there is a game that can help you burn it up. Most fitness games are made by trainers who know what you need to do to get a good workout, and they can increase the intensity every time you pop in the game. I prefer aerobics mixed with strength training. You can use free weights while following along with the trainer on the game. It’s fun and get the same workout you would get at the gym. Maybe even better because you are free to dance in between sets!

Watch TV and workout – When the new line up of TV shows comes out it may be hard to get your butt off the couch and out to exercise. So keep watching your shows, but make the most of it by exercising as well. You can buy a step up bench and some free weights, and do an hour of steps ups during two comedies. You will hardly know you are working out, and you will get the benefit of exercise while staying in touch with what happened on your favorite show.

Move your workout outside – Whether you go hiking, walking, jogging, swimming, or canoeing, you can get a great workout outside and get a boost of happiness at the same time. Being in nature is calming and allows you to live in the moment. For strength training you can head to the park and use the equipment there to do push-ups, pull-ups, planks, and anything else you can think up. Lunge down one block then run down the next. If you are into yoga, there is no better place to do it then beside a river or lake. Outside workouts are fun and you will naturally want to get moving when you get outside.

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