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Full Body Fitness With Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a great science to help with full body fitness and health. This is because kundalini yoga combines powerful breathing with dynamic movement, and this combination helps deliver a workout which both, builds your strength, as well as helps with flexibility and stamina. In this article, I will teach you three great yoga exercises which when combined will help you on your march to achieving total body fitness.

The three exercises which will help you in strengthening your entire body are Plank Pose, Stretch Pose and Frog Pose. Plank pose will work on the upper body, helping build your chest, shoulders and arms. Stretch pose will work on your abdominal systems, helping to tone and strengthen your abs. Frog pose is excellent for building and toning your legs, especially your thighs and buttocks. So the combination of these three exercises will give you a full body workout and done consistently, will make you fit and strong.

Here are the details of each of these three exercises:

Plank Pose for Upper Body Fitness:

a. How to Do Yoga Plank Pose:

* Most of us are familiar with doing push ups, and plank pose is essentially the up position when doing a push up.
* For plank pose be sure to keep your body in a straight line, now allowing the butt to sag and the hands should be directly underneath the shoulders.
* Breathing is normal, except if you are doing a particular Kundalini Yoga Kriya, which might require you to do Breath of Fire while holding Plank Pose.

b. Duration:

* 15 seconds – 7 minutes.

c. Benefits:

* Strengthens the arms, shoulders, chest and back.
* Develops your core strength and abdominal muscles.

d. Practice Tips:

* Advanced variations of Plank Pose include, lifting one leg up and holding the pose, or lifting one arm up and holding the pose. This is to take your level of fitness to the next level.

Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose for Abdominal Fitness:

a. Instructions for Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose:

* Lie on your back.
* Place your hands under your buttocks palms facing down (to support your lower back).
* Raise your heels 6 inches, point your feet and toes away from you, raise your head slightly and stare at your toes. You will feel the abdominal muscles go to work immediately.
* Begin Breath of Fire Breathing Exercise.

b. Duration:

15 seconds -11 minutes.

c. Benefits:

* Builds abdominal strength.
* Increases core fitness, energy and power.
* Helps develop the much coveted 6 pack abs.
* Improves your digestive system.

d. Practice Tips::

* To modify this pose you can do this posture with your legs bent at the knees, or do one leg at a time. Either way you will reduce the pressure on the abdominal muscles.

Kundalini Yoga Frog Pose for Lower Body Fitness:

Kundalini Yoga Frog Pose Practice Details:

a. How to Do Kundalini Yoga Frog Pose:

* Squat on the floor on your toes, with your feet apart and your heels either touching or very close together.
* Have your knees spread out and your arms inside your knees with your finger tips touching the floor. The elbows are straight.
* Look up, you can have your eyes opened or closed. Inhale. This is the starting position for frog pose.
* Rise up now by straightening your legs. At the same time bring your head towards your knees and keep your fingers touching the floor. Your heels should move down towards the floor. Straighten your legs as much as possible. Exhale. This is the ending position for frog pose. This completes 1 repetition.

* Come back down to the starting position and repeat the cycle as many times as indicated.

b. Duration:

* Beginners, start with as many as you can do and work up to 26 froggies.
* Intermediates, work up to 54 froggies.
* Advanced, work up to 108 froggies or more.

c. Benefits:

* Shapes, tones and strengthens the legs and lower body. Specially the thighs muscles.
* Builds the cardiovascular system and respiratory system. Promoting better circulation and better respiration.
* Promotes flexibility in the hamstrings and calves.
* Overall, builds one level of fitness and endurance.

d. Practice Tips:

* Careful with your knees. If you have bad knees, approach this exercise with caution.
* This yoga exercise will get your heart rate up, so careful not to get dizzy. If you feel breathless, light headed or faint, stop and take a break.
* It is beneficial to stretch the hamstrings before doing frog pose.

Summary of Yoga for Full Body Fitness:

As you can see from the above exercises, a good yoga workout can deliver quite a punch and be an effective science for building your full body fitness and health. These exercises don’t just promote flexibility, but are also excellent for training your most important muscles. Doing this set consistently will undoubtedly make you fit, strong and toned.

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