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Exercise Tips Without Joining a Gym

Exercise. I know…. I know, that word makes most people cringe, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to join a gym, you can exercise at home. Many people pay high gym membership fee’s and never go back!! That’s just crazy!!

No, I’m talking about the things we do everyday, like Walking, Gardening, Swimming or riding our Bikes. This is known as low impact exercise and is especially good if you are extra weighty as they will put very little or no stress on the Hip, Knee and Ankle Joint.

Anything that raises our heart rates, gets you slightly out of breath and makes you feel warmer is classed as Exercise, but whatever activity you choose, you should always, always start slowly and build up gradually, even if it’s only Walking. Start off by doing 30 minutes and build up from there. If you take on too much, too soon, you could injure yourself by pulling a muscle, then you won’t get any Exercise done at all.

I think 30 minutes per day for 5 plus days a week is good enough. Even with a busy schedule, I’m sure most people could fit in 30 minutes per day, even if it just means walking briskly around your house or garden, or going up and down the stairs a few times.

The benefits of exercise are endless. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel after you get into the swing of it. Talking about swing, keeping fit should be fun, so when I do my 30 minutes, I just pop on my favorite CD and dance to my hearts content. “Exercise isn’t Exercise when you are enjoying yourself”.

Water is essential for your good health and well being, but even more important when you are Exercising, as you will need to replenish what you are losing through sweat.

For healthy exercise, before you start your 30 minutes, it’s important to do some warm up stretches, to warm your muscles through and get them ready for action and is equally important to do more stretching at the end. Do this for about 10 minutes each time and it will help prevent any muscle stiffness.

So go find yourself a dance partner and Have Fun getting fit 🙂


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