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Effective Weight Gain Tips

Weight gain is something that is easy for some people to do while it is a different matter for those who have difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight. Contrary to people’s beliefs, weight lifting is not the only thing you have to do to gain weight. Read on to find out the key weight gain tips that will help you put on some pounds in a healthy way.

Count your calories on a daily basis. To know how much you calories that you need, you can start by eating just as you normally do each day and calculate the calorie consumption. Try to be as accurate as possible and then take out the scales to weigh yourself.

Then, start choosing proper nutritious meal for yourself. This step sounds easy but bear in mind that your choice of food in your weight gain diet must include foods that will especially help your body to gain lean mass, while avoiding unnecessary consumption of bad fats. Start by having six meals per day; breakfast, lunch, dinner and there small meals at regular periods. You can feast on steak, chicken, fruit, milk cheese and nuts to help you. Know that for you to get big, start eating big too.

Start lifting weights to build up your muscles after you have place primary attention on your eating habits. Know that without weight lifting, all the weight you gain will just turn into fat and sadly not muscles. Keep working out about three to four times a week using a proper weight lifting routine. Exercises like dead lifts, squats, bent over rows, chin ups and bench press are great to turn the calories into muscles.

Drink loads of water. Yes, only water will do and you can start by having a half gallon of water per day or more if you are up to it. Water is the energy that you need to gain those pounds as it will help you keep your stamina high to go for your routine weight lifts at the gym.

With time, precious effort to eat and turn calories to muscles by weight lifting, you will be able to see remarkable changes to your whole body and appearance. Keep these simple tips at the back of your head to help you through with weight gain plan.

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