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Best Fat Burning Exercise – 6 Gym-Free Fat Burning Exercises

Most of us have tried everything from complicated exercise machines to pills but the real truth is that there are no short-cuts that can help you lose fat. If you want a fit and toned body, you will have to work for it just like everybody else.

There are certain fat burning exercises that can help you burn fat a lot faster however as these exercises will force your body to uses a higher percent of calorie as fuel.

The following fat burning exercises help regulate appetite, improve metabolism and tone your muscles for a more natural and sexier looking body.

Here below are some of the most effective fat burning exercises that can help you on your journey towards a fit and sexy you:

1. Biking: biking burns stored fat and also helps strengthen thigh muscles. It can also help maintain a healthy level of blood pressure and cholesterol.

2. Walking: take out some time and go for a walk around the block. Most people can increase their fitness level merely by taking a walk. Not only can it help burn fat but can also have other positive health benefits.

3. Aerobic Dance: this exercise should be combined with a controlled diet in order to burn excess fat. You would be surprised to know that an hour of aerobic dance can help burn 330 calories.

4. Aerobic Exercises: it can help improve fitness of the lower and upper body muscles. It is highly effective and helps reduce fat especially around the abdomen.

5. Cardio Exercises: cardio is extremely beneficial; it can effectively help burn fat and offer numerous other health benefits at the same time.

6. Water Aerobics: it helps burn fat and improves strength in lower and upper body muscles.

These fat burning exercises are no-doubt very effective but you should educate yourself on how to perform them safely without causing any harm to your body.

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