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Always Exercise Caution When Using Weights

If you are into exercising, whether it is at the gym or on your own home gym then you are definitely used to being around weights. The primary purpose of using free weights as part of your exercise routine is that weights help build strength in your muscles and when used in conjunction with many activities such as kickboxing or aerobics weights can help you build muscle and lose physical fatty weight much more quickly. There are a couple things you need to be aware of though when using weights to ensure you do not damage your muscles or misuse weights.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that misusing weights can be immediately harmful if you do not use them correctly with supervision. Free weights are the ones to be careful with, and no not your innocent little kettlebells or dumbbells, but rather barbell weights can be dangerous. Many people assume that they are capable of using free barbell weights on their own, but if when performing exercises in which the weights are placed over your head you lose your grips the barbell weights have nowhere to go but down and that can mean crushing down onto your back, head, feet, or any other body part.

While you may be capable of lifting the weights in a controlled manner, if they are falling you are libel to get pinned underneath of them cutting off your oxygen supply or they may crush through your bones resulting in very serious injuries. Therefore any time you are using free weights such as barbells, unless you are using Smith Machines you should have a spotter standing nearby.

Another problem with using weights can be the small ones like kettlebells and dumbbells. Simply due to the fact that the exercises are more like stretches, people often neglect stretching before using these weights as part of their daily exercise routines. You are not stretching when you perform exercises with these small innocuous looking weights unless you are perhaps using one pound weights. In fact, adding weights onto aerobic stretches adds strain to your muscles which is why you are able to build their strength and burn fat. If you do not properly warm up before starting a series of stretches or aerobic exercises with kettlebells and dumbbells you are subjecting yourself to the same danger you would if you had jumped on a formal weight machine and start doing repetitions.

Using free weights is a great way to strengthen muscle mass and burn fat, but just because free weights are not attached to a physical machine does not mean they are not dangerous. You should still stretch before using any weights and have a spotter if you are using barbells.

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